Since 2015 the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative aims to promote and expand European SME’s capabilities in some key technology areas such as:

  • •   Cyber-physical and embedded systems
  • •   Customized Low Energy Computing, powering Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things.
  • •   Flexible and wearable electronics/Organic Large Area Electronics.
  • •   Widening Digital Innovation Hubs

The current phase of the SAE ecosystem development is focused on consolidating collaboration amongst SAE project stakeholders.

After a long period of limitations and physical distancing due to COVID-19, this workshop will provide an opportunity to reconnect and boost relations between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH’s), SAE/I4MS projects and stakeholders across the European region.

To achieve this goal, a two-day event has been designed, focusing on:

– Technologies and Digital Transformation.

  • •   Applications and experiments.
  • •   Technologies against COVID-19 crisis
  • •   Innovation from labs.

– Boosting Collaboration:

  • •   Business models and sustainability.
  • •   The future EDIH development.
  • •   Success histories in DIH development.
  • •   Cascade funding model and opportunities for SME’s

This is an opportunity to share experiences and experimentation, learn from other programs and collaborate of future ideas.