The SAE Event took place during the 13th (morning and afternoon) and 14th (morning) of December 2021.

Its content was focused to share experiences and reconnect European DIH initiatives and projects, at this moment when innovation is demanded for resilience and recovery.

DAY 1 – Monday 13th December

S13-1 — Opening. Video

  • Salvador Coll Vice-rector for Innovation and Transfer UPV
  • Meike Reimann Smart4Europe2 Project leader. Slides
  • Anna Puig-Centelles EC representative, SMART4ALL, BOWI and TETRAMAX PO. Slides

S13-2 — SAE against COVID-19 : Co-creating a Resilient Future. Video

  • Rachel Davies: Chair Slides
  • Sergio Gusmeroli EUR3KA. Slides
  • Alissa Zaccaria Intellimech DIH4CPS Experiments – COVID-19 response and impact. Slides
  • Radovan Stojanović COVID-19 system for early symptoms detection, SMART4ALL. Slides

S13-3 — Collaboration models: Projects, Innovation Actions and DIH’s networks models. Video

  • Gash Bhullar DIH4CPS: Chair. Slides
  • Meike Reimann SAE. Slides
  • Antonio Montalvo I4MS. Slides
  • Jose Ferreira DIH4CPS.
  • Nikos Voros SMART4ALL.
  • David Vidal DIHWORLD. Slides
  • Maurits Butter DIH-NET. Slides
  • Isabelle Dor DIGIFED. Slides

S13-4 — Technologies and DIH’s in SAE/I4MS initiatives. Video

  • Angel Ortiz: Chair
  • Jose Ferreira DIH4CPS.
  • Michela Milano AI4EU. Slides
  • Christos Antonopoulus SMART4ALL. Slides
  • Jérôme Gavillet SmartEE2. Slides
  • Isabelle Dor DIGIFED. Slides

S13-5 — The SAE Showroom: Success Stories in the SAE Ecosystem2. Video

  • Julia Koch: Chair. Slides
  • Isabelle Dor DIGIFED. Slides
  • Rosamaria Maniaci SAE Marketplace, DIH4Industry Platform

S13-6 — From Lab to Market. Video

  • Rachel Davies Director Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub Wales (DMIW). Slides
  • Elena Angiolini Project Officer at HaDEA​. Slides
  • Jose Vilar Gonzalbez SEIMED EEN Node in Valencia. Slides

S13-7 — Cascade Funding opportunities for SME Presentation Session. Video

  • Ana-Cruz García Belenguer: Chair
  • Jose Ferreira DIH4CPS. Slides
  • Hugo Daniel Macedo HUBCAP. Slides
  • Antonio Montalvo SMART4ALL. Slides

DAY 2 – Tuesday 14th December

S14-1 — Opening. Video

  • Raúl Poler (DIH4CPS): Chair
  • Olivia Estrella. General Secretary of the Innovation Agency for the Valencian Region. Slides

S14-2 — Innovation ecosystem in Valencia area. Video

  • Raúl Poler (DIH4CPS): Chair
  • Óscar David Sánchez Inndromeda. Slides

S14-3 — Valencia Innovation Ecosystem SMEs success storiess. Video

  • Angel Ortiz (DIH4CPS): Chair
  • Robotnik: María Benítez. Slides
  • Factor: Daniel Cubero. Slides
  • Multiscan: Elvira Moreno. Slides

S14-4 — The future EDIH Network and regional DIH’s in 2022. Video

  • Meike Reimann: Chair. Smart4Europe Project leader
  • Helena Rodrigues EC representative. Slides

S14-5 — Closing session. Video

  • Meike Reimann Smart4Europe
  • José Ferreira DIH4CPS
  • Nikos Voros SMART4ALL